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Teen Wolf: Part Ten - Final


With some expert juggling, and more playing the "grieving son" card than he should have had to, Stiles had managed an extra week in Beacon Hills.  Unfortunately, that week was up and LA beckoned and no amount of fast talking would get him any more time off. Stiles knew this for a fact.  He had deployed all his considerable verbal skills and been shut down completely.

He was surprised to find how very much he wanted to stay.  A lot had changed since he arrived and Stiles thought it was safe to say he abso-fucking-lutely loved Beacon Hills, California.  He'd made plans to finish his degree as quickly as possible and move back and Chris was working on a job for him, though he hadn't bothered to share any details.  Typical Argent.

Deaton had answered Derek's call from the house and had picked up that something was wrong.  He'd called Chris and together they traced the phone's GPS.  They had been working out a search pattern when Scott and Derek had made it back to the house. 

Scott had told them about Gerard and Michael.  Chris took the news well.  If asked by the right person, he would have admitted Gerard's involvement with Michael and with Anna's death was more upsetting than his death.

The cover story had Gerard and Michel falling prey to the same mountain that had killed Anna Stilinski.  In the end, it was ruled a simple hunting accident.

The irony was not lost on anyone who knew the whole story, which now included Allison.  Chris had told her everything when he'd broke the news of Gerard's death to her and Victoria.  The Argent's history, Gerard's rejection of the code, his manipulations of Kate and her murder of John Stilinski, that Scott and his mother were werewolves.  He'd left nothing out.

Allison had reacted better than Chris had feared.  Allison had picked up that there was more going on in her family than anyone had told her, but werewolves and werewolf hunters just weren't on the list of possibilities.  She'd had a harder time with Kate's actions than with anything else which he had expected.  What he hadn't expected was her desire to learn more about the family history and hunting.  He wasn't sure what was going to happen between her and Scott.

Scott was noticeably more mature since that day in the woods.  He was giving Allison space to determine how she felt about dating a werewolf, though only after letting her know that he would always love her and her decision wouldn't effect that.  He started working at Deaton's clinic in addition to his job as an orderly at Beacon Hill Memorial.  He wanted to decide if he preferred working with people or animals when it came to his career.

Scott and Derek has spent a lot more time hugging their loved ones since that day too.  That had resulted in a couple of Hale/McCall family meetings trying to figure out what was up.  Possession was given real considered, but ultimately it was decided they were just happy to be alive and happy they hadn't lost more than they had.

Peter had asked Melissa out and she'd said yes.  The date had gone well and everyone was cautiously optimistic.

Chris had found some journals that Gerard had hidden away.  He had been diagnosed with cancer and had decided becoming a werewolf was a better treatment plan than chemo.  Since Anna Stilinski would have laughed in his face, he'd played on Michael McCall's illness and insecurities believing he would be more willing than Anna after he became alpha.  He'd planned on killing Stiles when he got to town and in fact it had been Gerard who had shot him and not Kate.  Stiles had received that news with ill grace.  He really hated being wrong about Kate.

Scott and Derek monopolized Stiles' time, together and separately.  Scott and Stiles had talked constantly for days after the woods.  Melissa swore they carried on conversations in their sleep.  Stiles had divided his time between the McCalls and the Hales.  He didn't want to let them out of his sight any more than they did.

Stiles and Derek did a lot of talking too and Laura declared it must be love if Derek actually talked.  Both of them turned the most adorable shade of pink every time she said it which only meant she said it as often as possible.

It was early days yet, but privately they each thought she might be right.  Hoped she might be right.

Which of course she was.  Laura Hale was never wrong.