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Still Alive

I've been in hibernation mode for longer than I care to think about. Last semester went well for the most part. I had to take an incomplete in one class because the depression decided to override the meds, which have been adjusted. Yay for better living through chemistry! As long as I turn the work in within a certain time frame, I won't have to retake the class. I'm planning on having it done by the end of June. And to not make the same mistakes, cross fingers, I'm undertaking the 30-day TV meme. Thanks to enigmaticblues and everyone else who's done/doing it.

Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled:

There are quite a few shows that fit this description - Life, Joan of Arcadia, Farscape, The Invisible Man - but Life, Joan and IMan got two seasons, Farscape was even able to wrap things up with a two-part miniseries. My vote has to go to

The reboot was no where near comparable, though I do think Bobby Canavale was well cast as Trevor. Very definitely not Jeremy Piven's Trevor, but BC worked. I don't get and never have gotten the Sarah Paulsen love. American Gothic is the only thing I've liked her in.

But this isn't about that version. This is about a witty, fairly intelligent, chemistry filled promise of a television show. While Ari Gold may have reaped JP accolades and Emmys, Trevor Hale is, IMO, his best part ever. Is he just a delusional loony toon or could he just possible be Cupid, God of Love, banished to Earth to match 100 couples without his bow and arrow? It was hard to make up my mind. Obviously, he couldn't be Cupid. The Greek and Roman gods didn't really exist. But wouldn't it be wonderful if it were true?

Paula Marshall as Dr. Claire Allen was a perfect match for Piven. She has my undying awe for being able to keep up with Piven's machine gun fast dialogue. Great chemistry between them, friends and attraction though there was no pushing of the romance between them. Both characters had a lot of growing to do before they would work as a couple. But she did have one of the best/worst TV boyfriends of all time. Best because it was Joe Flanigan, worst because he was very career oriented - moving to New York for work - and he told Trevor he was in love with Claire before he told her because he knew how much it would bother Trevor. But how bad could shirtless JF be? :-)

The show is still not out on DVD, but all filmed episodes are up on You Tube. I'll link to three episodes. My favorite of all the eps, Heart of the Matter, which sees Trevor making a match, but not in the way anyone expected. Meat Market because it introduces JF's Alex DuMouy. And for all my Buffy friends, Heaven, He's in Heaven because it shows Harry Groener in a very different light from the Mayor.

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Wow, that was chatty, wasn't it?


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Jun. 1st, 2010 12:49 pm (UTC)
I may have to check that out this summer when I'm looking for TV, because more Joe Flannigan? Can't be bad.

*hugs* for the depression. Here's hoping the meds work the way they're supposed to.
Jun. 1st, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
The meds seem to be doing the trick right now, but I still have to work on my discipline on getting things done. Plus, I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea, but my medical is through the VA and it's been over a month since my sleep study and I still haven't heard anything. :-(

Joe Flanigan is only in about five eps, but since there were only 15 eps filmed and about 10 shown, it's worth it. In fact, when they very first started running commercials for Atlantis, my first thought on getting a quick glimpse of JF was "Alex?" It's not one of the ones I linked to, but there is one where Alex and Claire are getting busy almost every time they turn around. Oh, it's the one with the revolting pick-up artist/lines. Can't recall the title. It's a good one too.
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