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A dear friend's twin brother passed away earlier this morning. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

New Adventures

There is a convention going on in Houston this weekend and five of the actors from Teen Wolf are going to be there. Two I really couldn't care less about - Dylan Sprayberry and Mason Dye, three I can't wait to see - Eaddy Mays, Melissa Ponzio and Orny Adams. TheHoustonCon if there is any one close by and interested. I have a ticket for Saturday. Should be very interesting especially since I've never gone to one before. If you have any questions you want to ask, let me know and I'll see if I can manage asking.

Also, a friend's church is doing a mystery dinner theater in two weeks, but they need an actor. I've e-mailed about it, but I'm not sure if I'm hoping to get the part or not. BTW, it's called God the Father with the logo like The Godfather. Huh, wonder what the offer I can't refuse will be? :-)

Buffy Lives

Nothing to add. This says it all.


FIC: Parachute, Jackson/Stiles, Mature

Storm love
For Round 2 of twreversebang. Hope you enjoy.

Art Prompt Title: Parachute (Fanmix)
Art link: 2002
Artist: on_the_ground

Fic Title: Parachute
Author: dreamerjules
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 8,424
Warnings: Drug and alcohol use. Car accident. Mentions of physical attack on secondary character.

Summary: This is about Stiles too and he deserves his freedom even, maybe especially, if it permanently locks the door on Jackson's prison.
For Round 2 of twreversebang. Hope you enjoy.

Art Prompt Title: Art
Art link: 1027
Artist: surranndie

Fic Title: Tethered (by the thinnest thread)
Author: dreamerjules
Characters/Pairings:Derek, Stiles, pre-Sterek
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 4,472
Warnings: None.

Summary: “You'll find Stiles on the north border of the preserve. Hurry if you want to find him alive.”

Signal Boost

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I have a friend from Buffy fandom who's going through a hard time right now financially. She explains the situation extremely well here.

Help if you can, boost the signal if you can't - or even if you can. It won't take much to keep a family together.

Lines that I love

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I should be quoting poetry or something inspirational, but I've heard several lines on TV shows that I love and feel the need to share with the unsuspecting few of you reading this. The lines are generally generic enough that there really shouldn't be any spoilers, so I'm not marking as such. Let me know if I'm wrong.

In no particular order:

Sleepy Hollow – Abbie Mills - “I will rain so much legal brimstone down on you, God himself will be jealous.” Total Ivanova feels.

Nashville – male guitarist is given a guitar to tune that once belonged to Hank Williams, Sr. in 1952 or 53. Off his reaction - “Are you gonna tune it or breast feed it?”

The Crazy Ones – Sarah Michelle Gellar's new sitcom with Robin Williams. They show outtakes over the credits. RW - “Where'd you learn to do that Dukes of Hazard car thing?” SMG - “Sunnydale.”

My absolute favorite. Finally watched some of the extras on the Iron Man 3 DVD, such as Gags and Deleted Scenes. Jon Favreau to/about Tony “You've been spending your time with people twice as tall and half as old.”

Hope I've made someone smile.


Originally posted by chosenfire28 at Teen Wolf Big Bang: Artists Needed!
For any artists that are interested in taking part in another challenge teenwolf_bb opened claims today and there are still over 40 stories that need an artist (from a variety of pairings and story types!).

I would love to see any of you there and please spread the word to any artists you know!

Claims at teenwolf_bb are now open!

We are desperately in need of artists, see the claims post HERE and sign up as an artist HERE

Things Wot I Find Interesting

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Incoherent Ramblings on Visionary, Derek Hale – character or plot point and whether or not Jeff Davis has made a deal with a crossroads demon

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Managed one, why not another

Of course, the other one was twreversebang, but hey, this is going to be fun, so why not?

Sign ups for the third round of teenwolf_bb are now open!
All story types and pairings are accepted.

Rules and Information
Sign Ups: Author | Author/Artist Team | Artist | Beta | Cheerleader

In other news, I saw Now You See Me yesterday, and it was so much fun. It had a very Christopher Nolan/The Prestige/Inception kinda feel to it that I really enjoyed. Mark Ruffalo did a fantastic job and I swear I thought one of the actors could have been RDJ in some sort of make-up to make his face longer, but imdb swears he's a very popular French actor named Jose Garcia, not that I can find him on Netflix. Go see it if you get the chance.